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Why Expatriates Need International Tax Specialists

No one wants to be tied down with taxes, and since tax season is here, everyone is checking to make sure that their affairs are in order. Expatriates especially don’t want to get overwhelmed by matters relating to tax as it can turn complicated in the blink of an eye. For such cases, the services of an international tax specialist will be needed.

As an American expatriate, you are required to file income tax on what you earned in other parts of the globe. This task will be much easier for you if you hire the services of an international tax specialist. The tax specialist can help you file your tax returns while also ensuring that you receive every tax deductions you may be entitled to. Even though you’re living abroad, all of this will be carried out within the limits of American tax law.

As an expatriate, you are also entitled to a couple of tax exemptions. No one understands these exemptions better than an international tax specialists, and he or she will help you understand those exemptions too. Let’s say you’ve been living abroad for more than half of the year, say 330 days. It’ll mean that you’ll be exempted from paying taxes on $80,000 of the income earned abroad.

Your spouse can also enjoy some exemptions if you file your tax returns jointly as a couple. This will exempt your spouse from paying taxes on $80,000 of their income as well. You should, however, note that this exemption does not cover income obtained from interests, dividends, and rental properties. It applies only to the income earned from jobs carried out abroad. The only way to enjoy these tax deductions is to file your tax returns yearly.

Additionally, an international tax specialist can help you figure out and understand the other exemptions you may be entitled to thanks to your status as an expatriate.

In some cases, you are allowed to claim exemption from US taxes for any similar tax you may have paid abroad. In other cases, such claims are not allowed.

Besides, an international tax law specialist can assist you in understanding specific other exemptions you may be entitled to only because you are an expatriate. In certain cases, claiming exemptions from US taxes for any taxes you might have paid abroad is permissible. In some instances, you cannot make such a claim. The help of an international tax specialist will be vital in helping you navigate these waters.

The United States of America has signed tax treaties with over 50 countries regarding filling tax returns in one country while you’re currently living in another. If you are well versed in these tax treaties, it’ll help you a lot when filing your tax returns. However, not everyone understands these treaties, or even care to, and for that reason, you need the services of a tax law specialist. He or she understands these treaties and has been sufficiently trained to help you fill your tax returns and get the best deduction available to you.


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